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Overview of Gaslini Children’s Hospital

The Istituto Giannina Gaslini is a National Public Children’s Hospital and Research Institute located in Genoa, Italy.

Created out of an act of love and solidarity by Senator Gerolamo Gaslini, started its activity in 1938.

In 1956 the Istituto Gaslini was recognized as national public children’s hospital and research institute.

The activities of Gaslini include health care, research, teaching, and continuing education of the hospital staff. Research is a strategic objective of the Istituto and is mainly aimed at translating research results into the clinical practice.

The Istituto Gaslini is a multidisciplinary, highly specialized reference centre with national and international catchment area. It is the only hospital in Italy providing specialist and sub-specialist care, both medical and surgical, for mothers and children. Therefore, it is a national referral centre for complex diseases affecting newborns, children, and adolescents requiring highly specialized treatment.

The Institute has 20 interconnected buildings distributed over a 73,000 square meter area (15,000 square meters of green area) on a hill sloping down to the sea. The hospital staff members are over 1,800, including 270 physicians and 850 nurses. Beds available for ward hospitalization, for day hospital admissions and for day surgery are over 300. On average, hospitalizations are over 30,000/year and outpatient admissions over 540,000/year. Emergency Dept. admissions are over 33,000/year.

More than 42% of patients come from all regions of Italy, mainly Sicily, Piedmont, Apulia, Campania, Lombardy, and Tuscany. Annually, 4,4% of patients come from abroad.

The Gaslini meets the international excellence standards for safe health care delivery. The Institute has been accredited by Joint Commission International since 2007. It counts over 32 reference and highly specialized centres.

The Istituto Gaslini hosts facilities and staff of the University of Genoa under a formal agreement. Degree courses in Medicine and Surgery are held at Gaslini, and residency programs in pediatrics, neuropsychiatry, and pediatric surgery are also carried out.

The Gaslini has established collaboration agreements with over 250 national and international institutions and health care facilities all over the world, through these agreements the Institute promotes continuing education and training of staff of local children’s hospitals and is actively involved in many humanitarian projects, even in post-war areas.

The whole hospital staff contributes to the development of research programmes that are grouped into 5 lines, namely: innovative diagnostic-therapeutic strategies and rare diseases; pediatric sciences, surgery, and neonatology; rheumatology, immunology, and autoinflammatory diseases; hematology, oncology, and cell therapies; muscular and neurologic diseases. The annual Impact Factor, an international bibliometric indicator, is over 1,550 with over 300 publications in international journals.

Gaslini Children’s Hospital International Affairs

In 2011, the Giannina Gaslini Children’s Hospital launched a programme aimed at the development and strengthening of its External Relations.

Under this program, the Hospital entered into partnerships with many and varied subjects: top children’s hospitals in Italy and abroad, Ministries of Health, healthcare facilities in developing countries, Foundations, Associations, NGOs, etc.

This program has several aims:

  • enable the Institute to strive for excellence through comparison and benchmarking with leading healthcare facilities;
  • encourage the professional development of its staff through site visits, staff and student mobility, exchange of knowledge and experience, joint research projects, telemedicine, etc.;
  • put its own skills to the service of disadvantaged health structures suffering from significant deficiencies in terms of healthcare;
  • increase own numbers of hospitalization and admissions by accepting patients from other countries following the signing of cooperation agreements, so as to provide them with specialized, high quality care.We can better identify Gaslini External Relations by dividing them into the following categories:
    - Strategic Partnershipsb. International Cooperation in Health and Humanitarian Aid

    - Education and Development Projects

Strategic partnerships


Enable the Institute to strive for excellence through comparison and benchmarking with leading healthcare facilities.


  • Site visit
  • Mobility of student and staff
  • Video conference and second opinion
  • Education
  • Organization of joint courses and workshops


  • Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, United States
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, United States
  • The Hospital for Sick Children – SickKids, Toronto, Canada
  • Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades – Paris, France
  • Coventry University – Coventry, United Kingdom

International Cooperation in Health and Humanitarian Aid


To provide training and education activities, as well as advanced medical and surgical treatments for selected patients, to healthcare facilities located in developing countries or in post-conflict areas.


  • Site visit
  • Mobility of student and staff
  • On-the-job and off-the-job training, education services
  • Advanced medical and surgical treatments for patients with life-threatening conditions
  • Video conference and second opinion
  • Education
  • Organization of joint courses and workshops


  • St. Damien Children’s Hospital, Port au Prince, Haiti
  • Orfanato Niños de Cristo, La Romana, Dominican Republic
  • Hospital General Plaza de la Salud , Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Karachi, Pakistan
  • Le Policlinique Next Onlus, Antsiranana, Madagastar
  • Pobic Onlus, Enugu State, Nigeria
  • Gift of Life - Bolivia, Haiti, Romania
  • PCRF, Palestina

Education and Development Projects


To promote the development of on-the-job training programmes in the Institute’s operational units, to activate missions at the headquarters of hospitals/bodies/organizations that require the collaboration of the Institute for the provision of specialized services and teaching trials on specific topics; Support the staff through dedicated telemedicine courses / teleconsult sessions / expressions of opinions - second opinion; acceptance to Gaslini patients suffering from diseases of high complexity not curable in the country of origin.

All the planning in this area is financed by the client or third parties and constitute a profit for the Institute that can be re-invested in new projects.


  • On-the-job and off-the-job advanced training and education services
  • Advanced medical and surgical treatments for patients with life-threatening conditions
  • Video conference and second opinion


  • National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie – CNAM and Hôpital La Rabta, Tunis, Tunisia
  • ENI - Basra Children’s Hospital, Bassora, Iraq
  • Mahak Hospital Charity, Theran, Iran
  • Nextone - Istituto della Ricerca Scientifica, Organizzazione per l'assistenza sanitaria e la gestione medica del Dipartimento della Salute di Mosca
  • Helpcode, Libia
  • Terre des Hommes, Libia
  • Intermedicas, Bucarest, Romania
  • Studio Zunarelli, Shangai, Cina
  • Garrahan Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Our Partners

Dmitry Rogachev di Mosca

Collaborate with Us

Improving child health and providing excellent pediatric care is Gaslini Children’s Hospital goal and mission.

To this aim, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Hospitals, Health Authorities, Foundations, no profit organization, etc. Listed below a few examples of how we can collaborate:

  • Exchange of healthcare professionals,
  • Joint research projects,
  • Training activities to provide pediatric expertise for developing countries,
  • Telemedicine and second opinion,
  • Providing specialized healthcare assistance to those patients who can’t be treated in their home country

Should you be interested in partnering with Gaslini Children’s Hospital? Please contact our International Affairs Office, or send a request of partnership addressed to Gaslini Children’s Hospital Chief Executive Officer ( ) and copy the International Affairs Office (

International Affairs

Building n° 8, ground floor


Manuela Aloe - Ph. +39 010 5636 2864

Laura Isnardi - Ph. +39 010 5636 2878

International Patients

Every year Gaslini Children’s Hospital welcomes several hundreds of children coming from 70 to 90 countries all over the world.

Most of Gaslini Children’s Hospital foreign patients come from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean basin, such as Spain, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Siria, Lebanon, Palestine, Albania, Greece.

Should you wish to make a referral to Gaslini Children’s Hospital for an International patient, do not hesitate to contact, by phone, mail or e-mail, our

International Patients Office

Building n° 10, second floor


Giorgio Ferraro - Ph. +39 010 5636 4910


Observership Program - Training Opportunities

GASLINI-FELLOWSHIP-PROGRAMGASLINI-FELLOWSHIP-PROGRAMGASLINI-FELLOWSHIP-PROGRAMSince its foundation Gaslini Children’s Hospital has hosted dozens of medical and nursing professionals coming from alla over the world. In the last years, the majority of the observers have come from the following partner Institutions, within the framework of formal cooperation agreements:

  • Kosovo: Kosovo Ministry of Health, University Hospital of Pristina
  • Morocco: Centre Hospitalier Ibn Sina, Rabat; Centre Hospitalier Mohammed VI, Marrakesh
  • Kurdistan: Governorate of Suleymaniyah
  • Palestine: Caritas Baby Hospital, Bethlehem
  • Honduras: Casa “De Los Angeles” a Tegucigalpa - Fondazione Francesca Rava N.P.H. Italia onlus
  • Tunisia: Hôpital d’Enfants Béchir Hamza, Tunis
  • Haiti: Hôpital St. Damien, Tabarre, Port au Prince
  • Nigeria: Federal Medical Center, Yenagoa
  • Dominican Republic: Orfanato Ninos de Cristo

and within the same agreements, Gaslini staff has conducted several training-on-the-job missions in Morocco, Tunisia, Kurdistan, Honduras, Kosovo, India, Haiti, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Iraq.

Gaslini Children’s Hospital is pleased to host, at its premises, medical staff, nurses and healthcare professionals for off-the-job training sessions on rotational basis.

For any clarification, please contact:

Gaslini Training Center – Observership Program

Building n° 7, 2nd floor

Lena Cosulich - Ph. +39 010 563632865, e-mail

Fellowship Program

The Gaslini Institute offers an International Fellowship Programme to candidates from across the world in an unparalleled range of paediatric specialties.

Our Fellowships are aimed at international postgraduate medical trainees who are already well advanced in their specialty training and are looking to gain sub-specialist expertise at a world-renowned centre of excellence.

The International Fellowship Programme welcomes doctors who have completed a degree in Medicine (minimum requirement), Residency in Paediatrics or in subspecialty he/she will do the fellowship.


Ospedale Giannina Gaslini
Via Gerolamo Gaslini 5
16147 Genova - Italia

International Affairs
Building n° 8, ground floor

Laura Isnardi
Ph. +39 010 5636 2878


International Patients Office
Building 10, second floor

Giorgio Ferraro
Ph. +39 010 5636 4910


Gaslini Training Center – Observership Program
Building n° 7, second floor

Lena Cosulich
Ph. +39 010 56363 2865